G Suite subscription has been suspended | Resolved

Today while trying to access my email account, it showed “your G Suite subscription has been suspended by your reseller”.
A quick google search on the issue will result to https://support.google.com/domains/answer/7687418?hl=en .
which mentions the issue due to a failed payment of G Suite subscription even after multiple email reminders to customer. The email sent to customer sometimes get ignored or missed, resulting in suspended G Suite account.
The first step to see this issue is when trying to access gmail account of this G Suite, if G Suite is suspended, the customer should see mentioned error in above snapshot. Do not get confused with second line of error “Please contact your Reseller” if you are only one using this G Suite.

But as we say picture speak louder than words, I tried to put steps mentioned with pictures for easier understanding and issue resolution.

These are the steps tried to reactivate G Suite account:

Navigate to. : http://domains.google.com/registrar

Click on domain name in “My domains” table

Click on “Email” in left side navigation :

Click to “Go to G Suite settings” :

Click Reactivate.

Update payment method if payment method needs to be updated and click Reactivate again.

Keep your payment methods updated and working for subsequent monthly subscription deductions to avoid this issue in future.

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